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E-Sports, Junior Varsity

E-sports have arrived. The scene of professional gaming has experienced such explosive growth over the past 18 months or so, it’s undeniable that gamers are ready and anxious for this new industry to flourish. While the concept of playing video … Continue reading

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The Little Rectangle That Could

Mobile gaming is really starting to come into its own. Devices just keep getting faster and with that comes higher-quality games. There will always be “bathroom games”, but phones and tablets are starting to replace the portable consoles from Nintendo … Continue reading

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NFL Kickoff 2011

I love football. I have loved football from my in-the-womb days.  I live, breathe and dream football. Football is different here in Wisconsin. While the NFL has dedicated fans for each of their 32 teams, I like to think the … Continue reading

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Metaverse in the Mechaverse

Metaverse Mod Squad has been contracted by iloveRobots and Schell Games to assist in the successful launch of Mechatars! We will be managing customer support and assisting with community management for Mechatars, the newest product line from iloveRobots. It is … Continue reading

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Community Relations and Outsourcing – A Marriage of Convenience

Metaverse’s Rich Weil delivered a presentation yesterday at GDC-Europe entitled “Community Relations and Outsourcing – A Marriage of Convenience. The question: Is Community Relations a dearly held company value or an annoyingly necessary cost center? Why not both? The practice … Continue reading

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Parents: Stand Firm

Being a parent is not for the faint-of-heart.  It’s arguably the toughest job in the world.  Sure, you’re going to get hugs and kisses and a shout-out during their wedding toasts, but before that, you’re going to get puked on, … Continue reading

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Moderation Is Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

Lesley at recently wrote an article called: Yes, I Play Video Games, and No, You Cannot See My Boobs. Also any sandwiches I make for you will be filled with POISON. The article discusses why she’s gone from an … Continue reading

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