Meet the Metaverse Partner: Angel

Our Phone IVR Technology partner, Angel, is a leading provider of cloud-based customer experience solutions involving interactive voice response and virtual call centers.  Angel is an extremely valuable partner of ours because it enables us to provide seamless managed telephone support for our customers from both our Sacramento operation center and with our teams of remote agents across North America.

Recently, our friends at Angel gave a group of our management team and customer support staff a virtual demo of the many features they have to offer.  They demonstrated how easy it is to build a phone tree by utilizing Angel’s SiteBuilder tool.  It is amazingly simple to build pages that walk a customer through the progressions of a call.  It also has the ability to capture valuable information from the customer and other external sources.  If necessary, the tool directs the customer to where they can get the information or support they need.

It was incredible to see how simple it is to customize this process, right down to how much “pause time” is desired between responses from a customer.  This customization may be particularly useful depending on the target audience and the information being requested.  If the system requests a birthdate, the pause time needed is minimal because people know this information off the top of their head.  On the other hand, if a Medicare number or prescription number is requested, the system can allow a longer response time, as that the caller may be elderly or reading from a card or bottle and need a longer amount of time to enter it via the phone keypad.  The ability to customize this setting, among a myriad of others, at the global and individual page level is extremely beneficial.

Of course there is a plethora of reporting tools available as well that allow clients to drill down into their call data, further assisting them in refining their application and helping to reduce those that “zero out” of the automated process.  It’s all about making a better phone experience for the customer and Angel certainly provides the tool set to do just that.  Thanks Angel!

To learn more about Angel’s full suite of products, visit and you can follow them on Twitter at @angelcorporate

Gina Miller | Director of Personnel | Metaverse Mod Squad

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