Meet the Metaverse Partner: Assistly is Wowing Internet Brands With Its All-In-One Social CRM and Uniquely Simple Pricing

In this latest installment of our “Meet the Metaverse Partner” blog series, we and our friends at Assistly have teamed up to write complementary (and complimentary!) blog posts on our awesome partnership.  For a look at what Assistly has written about us on its site, click here.  Thanks Assistly!

One year ago this month, we were pitching to a potential customer when they informed us they had decided to sign on with an upstart social CRM provider named Assistly.  We checked out Assistly’s website and were delighted to find its mission identical to ours:  to deliver awesomely responsive customer service in this era of explosive demand for social, mobile, and global support.  We then learned the team was made up of passionate entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the customer service industry.  After testing the platform, we were wowed, and a partnership was formed.

Over the past year, several businesses have combined Assistly’s cloud-based platform, which connects companies directly to all their support channels – phone, e-mail, website, live chat, Twitter, Facebook, community forums – with Metaverse’s teams of professional, smart, and savvy agents, working from our 24/7 operation center in Sacramento or remotely around the world.  The results have been tremendous, with customers telling both companies how responsive and efficient they have found the Assistly + Metaverse combination.

Freemium Full-Featured Software and Uniquely Simple Pricing

Last month, Assistly announced it was implementing, along with the rollout of Assistly 2.0, a uniquely simple pricing model that includes a free full-time agent license for every company.  It then charges $49 per month for each additional full time user or alternatively, in cases where the client uses a team of flex agents, like those we provide at Metaverse Mod Squad, the company can simply pay $1 per hour.  This pricing model fits perfectly with ours, as we also usually charge our clients on an hourly basis.  That means for just an extra dollar an hour, businesses can receive a knowledgeable Metaverse agent and the excellent Assistly ticket management system, working together to track and respond to customer inquiries from e-mail, social media, forums, and the web.  That’s a dollar well spent!

“We asked our customers what they wanted in the way of pricing,” said Matthew Trifiro (@MatthewTrifiro), Assistly’s senior vice president of marketing, who recently met with us for a partnership strategy conference.  “They told us they wanted simplicity in pricing, the ability to expand affordably, and the right to involve an unlimited number of people in the customer support process, from the CEO to the outsourced help desk agent.  We listened and we are giving them what they wanted.”

Benefits of Using Metaverse + Assistly’s All-In-One System for Delivering Awesomely Responsive Customer Support

  • Adapt to the massive demand of real-time 24/7 social, mobile, and global support
  • Solve your customers’ problems on social networks, where they work and play
  • Help customers help themselves with custom-built help centers, styled to match your brand
  • Give your support team a platform designed with their needs in mind
  • Priced for whole company support
  • Tracks every request in an airtight system

Interested in Learning More About Assistly?

For more information on how Assistly’s complete customer service solution can help your Internet-based business manage your 24/7 customer conversations, go to, e-mail, or follow them at @Assistly.

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