Company Wide Twitter Account

I’m not sure this has ever been done before, but we at Metaverse Mod Squad have created a Twitter account to be used by the entire company.  From part-time customer support agents to moderators to community managers to accounting staff to senior executives, we have opened up our voice to everybody that works for us.

So often clients come to me worried about that release of control, letting our brand ambassadors speak for their company, deliver their message.  I always say “don’t worry about it!” in my best Brooklyn accent.  But I freely admit that giving the keys to a castle you spent years building and telling the staff “no loud parties and water the geraniums” is a bit scary!!!  But we are good.  Our people are good.  Never has a company amassed such talented smart fun people that know how to communicate online.  I can’t wait to see where this goes and plan on having a blast on this ride.

Follow us at We can’t wait to start tweeting with you!


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