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Gossip Girl community celebrates final days in Warner Bros.’ sims

Warner Bros.’ Gossip Girl sims, also known as the Upper East Side, have been operating in Second Life for the last two years, the longest running corporate marketing campaign in virtual world history. With GossipGirl being the most popular last … Continue reading

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Language Policies in Online Communities

There’s been an interesting discussion in the blogosphere regarding the decision of one of our virtual world clients to only permit English in open chat.  Doesn’t that unfairly discriminate against non-English speakers? Aren’t virtual worlds for everyone, not just those … Continue reading

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Rocking the Metaverse introduces live music to Twinity

For about the last month, Koinup has been sponsoring the Rocking the Metaverse tour, the 1st ever cross-world music tour. Fittingly, the tour ended today in Twinity, making it the first ever live music event to hit the somewhat new … Continue reading

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New virtual world lets casual gaming drive avatar progression

Remember how much fun was back in the day? The site is still around and offers an impressive library of games to play, but companies are pushing the direction of casual gaming. In my industry, casual gaming is often … Continue reading

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Some Rockin’ Research out of Harvard on Kids in Virtual Worlds

Okay, so maybe he’s not everyone’s idea of a rock star.  But to me, Howard Gardner, Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, is one small step away from godliness.  His highly acclaimed theory … Continue reading

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